Aluminium frame supported with roll-up sticks displays promotional content attractive.
Regular size is 6(H) x 3(W) Fts.


Product Description

Rollup Standee is a superb display medium suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor events and exhibitions. One can close it after the event and carry like a bag and reuse at various other locations.
Anytime, as per the need and location, we can change the printed sheet.
It is excellent to use as welcome banner at the entrance.
Most preferable for stall display medium in exhibitions.
Recommended as promotional advertisement medium when mobile (events in various places).
Special Offers, Bumper Bonanzas, etc., are emphasized with Rollup Standees.
Suitable for Displaying Today’s Special Items in Hotels, Restaurants, etc.
Outdoor Standees: For Outdoor Rollup Standee normally printed Flex (non-adhesive vinyl) is used.
Indoor Standees: For Indoor Rollup Standee normally High Quality Eco-solvent / Inkjet (non-adhesive indoor quality vinyl) is used.  This is high quality and sharp in terms of printing.



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